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The goal of team STEAMineer is to teach 21st Century Skills through game design by using maker-centered education. Through this goal, We hope to equip students with the skills necessary to adapt to a dynamic and variable future. 21st Century Skill includes teamwork, flexibility, creativity, and technical literacy.

Maker-Centered Education focuses on interacting with different materials in an intentional way for the purposes of learning and creating.

​Role: UX Designer & Interaction Designer & 2D Artist

Platform: Arduino input, iPad



Implementing Best Practices

We just reached the halves​ of this project. Now we are focusing on iteration which includes prototyping, playtesting and evaluation. We are conducting weekly playtest at Assemble to get a better understand of our users.


Our partner is Assemble a Pittsburgh based kids after school education program.

  • Assemble is a nonprofit organization located in Pittsburgh. They aim to change one’s disposition, encourages creativity, and removes barriers through STEAM disciplines, which are Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

  • Our team shares the same values with the Assemble, which are learning through making and collaboration. And encourage problem-solving by holding open-ended and hands-on activities.

We are partnering with the Assemble Makerspace where it facilitates after school workshops for learners of all ages. We’ve been consulting the Executive Director Nina Barbuto; We are going to collaborate with Anny Chen to co-develop a curriculum for a video game summer camp.


Created a game-based transformational experience for 3-5 grade kids to learn the 21-century skills.

Create an activity curriculum for the Assemble Makerspace video game summer camp where students learn collaboration through making controllers and playing games.

Target audiences are 3rd- 5th Grade Students at Assemble Makerspace.

Final deliverable in the future will include Functional Prototype Game, Curriculum Supplemental Information, Evaluation Materials


Talking to the expert in STEAM education filed

After communicating with experts in the related filed, we figured out several takeaways for future development:

  • More opened experience;

  • High accessible physical input;

  • Digital output; 

Ideation via prototyping

BUILD YOUR OWN Game Controller

​After developing prototypes and conducting internal playtest, I decided to take an approach to teach kids collaboration through playing video games with Opened Ardunio inputs.

Research via Playtesting

For each playtesting, we have to identify our goals and prepare the interview questions to make sure we can gather useful feedback.

Because we know little about children in this age group including their learning habits and needs. interviews and online surveys may not be good choices for users in this age range. So we have to take the approach to understand the user through playtesting. Our concept is not directly determined after the research which towards the educators and STEAM educational Toolkits on the market. Our concept is constantly adjusted according to the feedback of playlets. Because during the process of playlets, things can not always develop in the direction we expected.

To be continued...