People always feel inconvenience when they need to travel in heavy rain. Their shoes and clothes may get wet and roads may be blocked by water. Pedestrian,biker and driver face different problems in rain.


2018.7-2018.8 (6 weeks)


LONO is composed of two sections:

  • A smart boots that has the function of collecting water depth data.

  • A mobile app to gather the data and guide the users safe route to avoid the water harzard. 

My role

This was a personal project, so I was responsible for the whole process.


Personal project


Pen and paper






PVC plastic

Watch the video to see what LONO is.



Climate characteristics of Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in a subtropical monsoon climate, and its rainy season lasts for 6 months. 

Typhoon frequently strikes

In the summer, Guangzhou may affected by strong typhoon, during which precipitation will exceed 300mm.



Why people always feel inconvenient when they need to travel in heavy rain?

Online survey

I finished an online questionnaire among 59 citizens of Guangzhou in order to find out the inconvenience reasons behind the rainy day.

From the result, we can clearly identify that no matter which kinds of transportation, rain always brings troubles on people.

Face-to-face interview

Fly on the wall

The time period when I worked on this project happened to be the typhoon weather in Guangzhou. So I spent a week observing people's behavior and problems during the rainstorm.



I build a User journey map and two typical persona based on my formal analysis.

One persona depends on public transportation and the other depends on private car. Each person faces different problems.

​Pain point


I used card-based classification to list out all kinds of inconvenience in rain in order to detail the problem. I summarized information from observation, personal experience, online survey and interview and divided them into ROSE, BUDS and THORNS. The blue cards represent ROSE, the red one represent THORNS and the yellow one represent BUDS.


Brain Storm

I developed several concepts in order to find possible solution.

Finally, I discover the best solution is a wearable device on feet which can cover the shoes in rain as well as detect depth of water.

And I decided named it LONO which represents God of rain in Hawaiian religion.



Product Development

LONO structure

There are micro-controller and Bluetooth module inside LONO and water level sensor outside it. High-light LED is equipped on the button of it.


  • Connect the circuit.

  • Test the water level sensor and Bluetooth module.

  • Assemble the circuit with shoe cover.

Service System


Data self-sufficiency

Form a closed loop in the user, device, app and cloud platform to achieve real-time update of water depth data.

Build up city waterlogging map

Map show the waterlogged roads information, and navigate the users to avoid the water flooded section. 

Collect waterlogging data

Each person who wear LONO serves as a data collector to obtain water depth data in flooded roads. These data is aggregated on the cloud platform.

One person’s information is limited, but the platform gathers everyone’s information who wear LONO and build city puddle. People can also use LONO map to guide the route whether they have LONO or not.




​Interface Design

01 Waterlogging map of city

  • In the homepage, user can easily identify the puddles in surrounding area including their depth and width.

  • LONO will guide user to avoid the water-blocked road and submerged tunnel. Different colors represent different kinds of transportation, for example, red represents driving, purple represents walking, blue represents public transportation and green represents biking.

  • During navigation, LONO alarms user when there are puddles on the road.

02 History Data Record

  • After arriving at home, user can check history data records in LONO app, such as distance, time consuming, route on map and waterlogging information.

  • Data record visualizes the abstract data about how many times LONO protects user from getting wet in rain.

03 Device Management

  • When user first use LONO, user need attach hardware to app through Bluetooth connection.

  • Enter the number printed on Bluetooth module into app and connect successfully.

LONO in real world


Revised journey map

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