The current outdoor baby nursing rooms fail to meet the needs of mothers in China. The mothers have to face poor privacy or the bad environment when breastfeeding outside.



2017.5-2017.7 (8 weeks)


 iBirth baby nursing room is a mobile capsule-shaped vehicle placed in an outdoor place, allowing adjustment of number according to people density. It contains equipment of lactation space, diaper-changing table, and a vending machine for baby accessories. Users can quickly access to  iBirth baby nursery room through iBirth App and use it for free.


Group project (3)


​Autodesk Alias




My role

I was the leader of the group and mainly responsible for user research and user experience design. I participated in interior design, including modeling and rendering. I independently completed the design of iBirth App and proposed a business model.

Background: PSET Analyzing


As the policy changed, the number of babies increases dramatically. With the improvement of living standards, mothers are pursuing better products and services. In a result, the demand for nursery rooms has also increased.

Identify problems


When a mother takes care of a baby, she needs to complete many tasks. These tasks will become more difficult when they leave home. So the nursing room is quite important for the mother.

In order to understand the current situation of indoor and outdoor nursery rooms in Guangzhou, we have taken the form of a combination of online questionnaires and offline interviews to conduct an in-depth study of the mother's feelings of taking care of a baby outdoors.

​Online Survey

The results of the questionnaire showed that most of mothers are not satisfied with the current nursing rooms.

 We conducted on-the-spot investigations on the distribution and quantity of the maternal and child's room in Guangzhou. The main selected locations were parks and shopping malls where mothers and children often stay.

We found that the distribution of nursery is very uneven. Some well-equipped nursery rooms are concentrated in one large shopping plaza. However, in other public places such as parks and zoos, there are only a few numbers of nursery rooms which have a poor environment and even without any nursery room. Changing diapers and breastfeeding in public places occurred from time to time.

Understand the users


We interviewed 8 mothers to figure out how they feel and deal with the breasting-feeding task outside.

We made a Persona and summarized her behavior into User Journey Map.

Pain points & Insights


According to the research,  we discovered the user pain points and brought up the opportunity for service design.



The appearance of iBirth is inspired by the capsule hotel​ combine with the towable RV. Its sleek shape enhances affinity for mum. It can be dragged and moved to wherever it is needed. Besides, a large area of transparent glass increases indoor lighting and saves electricity.

The interior structure is selected based on three directions.

iBirth Baby Nursing Room


iBirth baby nursing room is placed in public area places such as parks and squares, allowing adjustment of number according to people density.

Functions & Details

The interior of the car is divided into two areas to enhance privacy while making full use of the limited space.

Interior Facilities


Humanization design

User-Centered iBirth App


​Business Model Canvas

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